In California 2009/2010

The pictures below link to the different stops of our trip. There is no additional commentary there yet. Die Bilder unten führen zu den Stationen unserer Reise.

At Leslie and George's
Watching the Pasadena Rose Parade
With Roy at El Capitan
In a Yurt at Lake Cachuma
A Day Trip Through the Californian Mountains
We wanted to see Michelle's family and hoped everybody would come to Leslie and George in Los Angeles. In the end Tom and Shir couldn't travel with newborn Noam, and Jim and Rose couldn't come for other reasons. But we enjoyed seeing Leslie and George with family and Sondra who was there for Christmas.

The trip started out with me (Peter) realizing at the airport that my passport had expired. Of course our el cheapo tickets were non-anything. After a moment of deliberation we decided that Michelle should fly with Robin while I would try to get a new passport as quickly as possible. Since it was Christmas Eve I would miss Christmas but would have a chance to make it for New Year's Eve. Indeed that worked out, partly because I am a visa holder and can enter the US with a temporary passport. The rest of the trip went smoother.

I'll write up more another time.

Eine Reise zu George und Leslie in Los Angeles. Abgesehen davon, dass ich am Flughafen feststellte, dass mein Pass abgelaufen war, war es toll. Vielleicht schreibe ich irgendwann mal mehr.

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