Picking Up Robin in Vigo

Chris, Robin's guest sister, had organized tickets for us to visit the nature perserve of Cíes. We spent the day there. The island is beautiful, and admission is limited.
2023-06-11, 12:35
2023-06-11, 12:36
2023-06-11, 12:48
2023-06-11, 13:06
2023-06-11, 13:07
2023-06-11, 13:09
2023-06-11, 13:17
From a bird watching point we could see cormorans.
A magnification
The island has a narrow isthmus
2023-06-11, 14:28
2023-06-11, 14:29
2023-06-11, 16:28
2023-06-11, 16:28
2023-06-11, 16:47
2023-06-11, 16:47
2023-06-11, 16:49
2023-06-11, 17:31
2023-06-11, 18:48
We spotted some fish by the beach.
2023-06-11, 18:54
Swiss chard in the vegetable patch in front of our appartment
A cutout from the previous picture
We visited the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, which is mandatory when you are in the region. We didn't do any part of the pilgrimage but thought it would be nice to walk a bit anyway; in order to have a nice route and avoid any crowds we parked on a forest trailhead west of the city, Sendeiro Pedroso. The half-hour hike took us through the interesting Parque Forestal da Selva Negra, a forest park with a centuries-long history. With a bit of serendipity we stumbled into a quire performance of to quires, American guests and their local hosts, in the cathedral. The concert lasted past the official opening hours so that it was quite dark on the way back. We were glad that we had our phone flashlights.
The cathedral from the distance
The organ has some horizontal flutes.
2023-06-12, 20:55
2023-06-12, 20:55
2023-06-12, 22:48
2023-06-12, 22:53
2023-06-12, 23:16
We climbed to the top of the Galiñeiro.
2023-06-13, 17:44
In the distant background is the university and actually the IES Valaderez as well, Robin's school.
We visited Amparo and invited her to dinner. Afterwards we took a digestive stroll through the old town.
2023-06-13, 19:55
2023-06-13, 19:56
2023-06-13, 22:32
2023-06-13, 22:33
2023-06-13, 22:36
2023-06-13, 22:50
A piece of recreational art which resonated with Nerea and Michelle alike.
We explored the immediate neighborhood of our appartment in Beade, the Vigo suburb. The terrain is fairly hilly, and the canyon-like valleys dug by the rivers are often pretty much left alone.
2023-06-14, 14:45
Ruins like this one are common by the rivers. They are small mills driven by water which was diverted upstream and led into aquaeducts alongside the river with a smaller gradient. The aquaeduct arrived uphill from the mill and the water could drive the millstone.
2023-06-14, 17:28
One of the aquaeducts
2023-06-15, 21:59
Dinner ar Fernando and Mercedes's
2023-06-15, 23:31
The students after their stembach presentations
This must be during dinner with Alexandro and his father, Victor, on Monte dos Pozos.
Carlos and his wife Emma demonstrating food preparation for us
The fun jury at the rock-themed concert in which Robin's orchestra participated
2023-06-17, 18:26
We thought Ron should have that T-shirt

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