Ten Days in the Yellowstone National Park

We couldn't delete enough pictures so I organized them in several pages. The order is chronological. Click on the pictures to see a page about that section of our visit.

The general impression was that we enjoyed being off-season on our 2006/2007 trip. Being in season means it's crowded. You almost have congestions on the major ring road which connects the main attractions. You must be strategic about the time of day at which you visit certain places in order to find a parking spot. Then you drive an hour or two just in order to hike for 30 minutes on a board walk together with all these bloody tourists ;-).

Of course there is a reason why it's crowded; in fact there are many. And things would be very different just one day hike away from the next road. Maybe we'll do that another year.
Dale and Barbara's Teardrop Trailer. We met them on a campground just outside the park and were excited about our respective trailers. Yes, you can have a smaller one than ours!

By the Yellowstone River
We stoppped on the one-lane byway which passes above the cascades and climbed down to the river.
A day of Bison encounters and a hike to Storm Point

Colorful salt deposits, an eruption and a colorful sunset. Plus: Robin becomes a Junior Ranger.
The trip back with a stop in Craters of the Moon National Monument